About Boreal River Adventures – Established in 2008

Boreal River is founded on the belief that adventure travel presents the best travel opportunity for personal growth, and at its core, is the best type of vacation there is!

Each trip expertly combines adventure and learning. When you travel with Boreal River you’ll have an experience you’ll remember forever. Most importantly, you’ll expand your horizons.

Whether you’re interested in developing a deeper understanding of and connection with nature, building your wilderness skills, learning about a different culture, or all 3— our adventures will deliver. You’ll learn about yourself and the natural world as you explore amazing whitewater rivers, and have the rejuvenating travel experience of a lifetime.

Consistently high-quality, specialised programs

Your trip’s success is built on our commitment to great customer service, meticulous preparation, and the highest safety standards. Each and every time, you get a world class experience with Boreal River.

Experienced, professional guides

With years of practice, training, and river miles under their life jackets, our guides are experts in their field who enjoy helping guests. Whether you’re a seasoned river rat or a first timer, you’ll gain confidence, learn and have great experiences in the outdoors with our amazing guides.

The Boreal River story

Boreal River was established in the summer of 2008. That year, founders Danny Peled and Letha Henry paddled the Magpie on their own on a 9-day exploratory trip. A couple of weeks later they ran their first commercial trip—it was a magical summer and the company was born.

Danny and Letha instantly recognized that the Magpie was a world-class destination river. They had both worked in adventure tourism and outdoor education for 10 years prior to that summer.

About Danny & Letha

Letha had been a travel company manager near her hometown of Toronto and spent winters as a travel advisor in the Mediterranean. Danny grew up in Montreal but got his start in the outdoors as a canoe trip guide. He lead youth on 20+ day river expeditions in Ontario and Quebec. He then worked full time as a river professional, following the ‘eternal summer’ as an Ottawa river rafting guide and river rescue instructor and international adventure tour leader in Canada, the USA, Mexico, Costa Rica, and Chile. Danny spent whole seasons leading groups on some of the world’s most well-known and spectacular rivers including the Rio Pacuare in the tropical rainforest and the Futaleufu in Patagonia.

Danny and Letha saw multi-day trips on the Magpie as a way to combine the excitement and accessibility of rafting with the deeper connections, learning, and rejuvenation that you can get from a long wilderness expedition.

Boreal River today

Fast forward 11 years to 2019, and we now have two divisions:

  • Boreal River Adventures, for wilderness trips and adventure travel
  • Boreal River Rescue provides skills training and certification courses across Canada and internationally

Our growing team of about 15 guides, instructors, and office staff share common goals. We want you and your whole group to have fun and positive experiences that you’ll remember forever, pick-up new skills, gain confidence, build relationships, and connect with nature.