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Gustavo A. Perez

Project Manager

Gustavo is part of the office team and is Boreal River’s administrative and technological mechanic. He ensures that our software and document systems function and work well together. In addition, he’s constantly mulling over new ideas to improve the Boreal River experience. Maybe the next breakthrough at Boreal River is AI? Drones? Whatever it is, you can bet Gustavo will work to make the vision a reality.

Outside of work, Gustavo spends much of his free time pursuing adventures in the vertical world. He is an avid and experienced rock climber who has climbed across Canada and the United States. Some day, Gustavo hopes to combine the world of packrafting with rock climbing to reach some of Canada’s most inaccessible cliffsides.

Gustavo also has a B.Sc. in Health Studies from the University of Waterloo. Currently, he is studying to become a Respiratory Therapist at Conestoga College.