Experiential Education River Trips

A great way for your students to bond with each other, gain skills, and connect with nature

On a Boreal River experiential education and leadership expedition, your group will bond as a team and grow as individuals. Participants will be challenged to step out of their comfort zones, learning skills to navigate whitewater and live in the wilderness—and building confidence along the way.

Whether you are from a school, community organization, or group with specialized needs, you’ll get a customized trip that meets your program’s objectives.

Build skills and confidence

Customize one of the following group trips:

Talk to our expedition coordinator about the trip you envision.

4 reasons to join us for an experiential education trip

  1. Risk management: We’ll understand your organization’s goals and risk tolerance. Then we’ll use our safety and risk management expertise to plan your trip. Our aim is always maximum benefits and minimum risk.
  2. Consistently valuable and high quality experiences: Get the best experience for your group every time. We sweat the details. We plan extensively so that your program provides meaningful life experiences and lasting results.
  3. Inspiring leadership: Professional and caring, our Boreal River leaders are experienced outdoor educators and skilled guides. Your participants will look up to them as positive role models with healthy, active lifestyles.
  4. Customized programming: Your organization’s goals and the needs of your group members are unique. We’ll learn about your core values and create a program that adds to the foundation that you’ve already built.

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Students can earn international certification

During the expedition, you can choose to include skills training that results in internationally recognized certifications for your participants. Examples include a whitewater rescue, wilderness skills and safety, or whitewater paddling certification.

Our instructors can certify your group members through a variety of internationally recognized training providers, including:

Who we work with

For our leadership and educational expeditions, some of the groups that we work with include: