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Ryan Brown-Tasse

Whitewater & Swiftwater Rescue Instructor, Ice Rescue Instructor, Whitewater Paddling Instructor, Expedition Guide

Ryan is an experienced whitewater guide and kayaking instructor. Growing up, he was part of many sports teams and developed an interest in sports performance. Because of that experience, Ryan now has a unique ability to break down the steps to learning a new technical or physical skill.

As an instructor, he can help students interpret those steps in ways that help them learn. His background as an athlete also helps him coach people, and help walk them through getting into the right head space— seeing all the magic through the chaos, or taking it slow and easy in stressful situations.

Ryan’s spent most of his time exploring the rivers in Western Canada & Quebec— although he dreams of paddling all over the world. Ryan is also an expedition raft guide, ice rescue instructor, snowboarder, and a wilderness first responder.

His energy, hard work, and expertise has been an asset to the Boreal River team, both on and off the water.