Safety, camping life, food and activity levels

This Nahanni trip is designed to be accessible to a wide range of participants—from total beginners to seasoned river trippers alike.

You don’t need whitewater skill and you can choose from a range of physical output levels, depending on if you opt to do some of the longer side hikes and inflatable kayaking and stand up paddle boarding—or if you prefer to spend more time in the guided rafts and relaxing at camp.

We want you to come off your Nahanni trip invigorated and rejuvenated.

Our “thrive not just survive in the wild” motto comes from decades of experience in the remote wilderness. Your trip guides are incredibly experienced in backcountry camping and they will share their knowledge and systems with you. We encourage you to get hands-on in camp and learn from some of the best in the industry.

Our NWT partners—Black Feather

For this trip we partner with Black Feather. Black Feather has years of experience operating expeditions on the Nahanni as well as guided canoe, hike, sea kayak, ski, and wildlife viewing trips across the far north. They are a licensed NWT tour operator and licensed Nahanni National Park river outfitter.

Partnerships make for some incredible opportunities. With Boreal River Adventures’ experience running rafting trips and immersive adventure travel programs internationally combined with Blackfeather’s infrastructure in NWT and experience on the Nahanni—you get an incredible result: The Nahanni Cultural Rafting Expedition.

Here’s what to expect about activities and our wilderness travel style on the Nahanni River in NWT, Canada.

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