We love to eat well on the river

This is a sample menu for a Magpie River Adventures trip. If it sounds extravagant, read our reviews.

There are a few staples we like to bring on every trip, but of course we welcome any diet. We are pleased to offer you vegan, vegetarian, and gluten free options, just let us know. We accommodate all food allergies, as long as we know in advance.

Part of our commitment to the environment includes how we source food. We try to shop local as much as possible, especially with meat which we source for local farms, and our produce is often organic. We also bring a tonne of snacks. Bars are great for you to squirrel away in you PFD or small drybag for snacks between meals. For treats we include beer, wine, whisky and baileys, usually enough for two drinks per person per day. If you’d like to bring a treat along, feel free.


Coffee, tea, almond butter, local berry jams (cloudberry and grain rouge), butter, maple syrup, condiments

  • Day 1 (first morning on the river) – Eggs to order, bacon, toast, fresh fruit and berries. Vegetarian option: Tofu scamble
  • Day 2 – Homemade granola, yogurt, wild blueberries (gathered by you around camp), crumpets, fresh fruit
  • Day 3 – Oatmeal topped with your choice of nuts, seeds, apples, dates, and brown sugar, Montreal bagels, cream cheese
  • Day 4 – Merry-berry couscous, fresh baked cinnamon buns, melon
  • Day 5 – Breakfast burritos (with your choice of eggs, cheese, beans, and salsa), bacon, granola, nuts, dried fruit


Nuts and dried fruit, chocolate, peanut butter and jam, condiments, and spreads

  • Day 1 – This morning you’ll ‘build your own’ lunch to have with you for the helicopter flights and our arrival at Lake Magpie. Load up your brown bag with sandwiches and snacks from a spread of: chicken salad, sliced veggies, fresh sprouts and greens, hummus, pickles, avocado, Kaiser rolls and good bread, fresh fruit, and baked goods
  • Day 2 – Sliced deli meats, cheeses, sliced veggies, avocado, baba ganoush, wraps, fresh fruit, cookies
  • Day 3 – Smoked wild salmon, bagels, cream cheese, onions, capers, sliced veggies, fresh fruit. Vegetarian option: veggie and bean spread
  • Day 4 – Quesadillas and tuna melts, vegetable soup, sliced veggies, cookies. Vegetarian: tempeh melts
  • Day 5 – Summer sausage, cheeses, hummus and veggie spreads, carrots, naan bread
  • Day 6 – Quinoa salad, Mary’s Crackers, Laughing Cow cheese, pita, spreads, apples and oranges

Happy Hour

  • Day 1 – Carrots, broccoli, peppers, asiago dip
  • Day 2 – Quebec cheeses, crackers, grapes, bourgots (local shellfish marinated in saltwater…worth a try)
  • Day 3 – Crazydillas (mango, brie, caramelized onion) with guacamole
  • Day 4 – Antipasti: olives, dried meets, spicy eggplant (from DiRienzo’s in Ottawa)
  • Day 5 – Roasted nuts, smoked oysters, olives, ants on a log (celery, peanut butter, raisins)


  • Day 1- Wild halibut (bought directly from our friend Ilya the fisherman who lives in the village of Magpie). Don’t love fish? Opt for fire-grilled chicken. Vegan: grilled portabella mushrooms. Corn on the cob, greek salad, baguette. Dessert: Chicoutei (cloudberry) pie
  • Day 2 – Mushroom risotto, today’s catch of speckled trout, asparagus, fresh baked bannock (an Innu staple that Lydia will teach you how to make). Vegan and gluten free: Moroccan couscous. Dessert: chocolate brownies
  • Day 3 – Flank steak, fried mushrooms and onions, fully loaded baked potatoes, roasted garlic, green beans Vegan: veggie kabobs
  • Day 4 – Dutch oven lasagna, garlic bread, minestrone soup. Dessert: pineapple upside-down cake
  • Day 5 – Pad Thai and Spring rolls a la Magpie. Dessert: dark chocolate and fresh picked Labrador tea