Immerse yourself in the history, culture and breathtaking beauty of Canada’s world class northern river

The Nahanni River has flowed through Canada’s north since before the mountains surrounding it rose to form a landscape of rugged peaks, imposing canyons, and raw, breathtaking beauty. A trip that follows the Nahanni’s ancient flow offers an adventure in the paradox of being both utterly humbled and deeply empowered.

Nahanni River Rafting group photo
Nahanni Cultural Rafting Expedition - NWT, Canada

Each day, the thrill of rafting, standup paddleboarding (SUP), and inflatable kayaking gives way to the sweet exhale of sitting around a fire, recounting the adventures of the day and surrendering your muscles and mind to the joy of well-earned relaxation.

There’s no question: any trip down the Nahanni will stay with you forever. But for us the excitement of adventure, the world-class whitewater, even the landscape itself—these are all just the beginning. 

We’ve woven history, culture and ecosystem into the fabric of this trip.

Indigenous guides bring perspective on the meaning of place itself, offering cultural context and connection to the Dene people of the region. Your leaders offer in-depth interpretation for those who want to understand the ecosystem on a deeper level. Our guides bring industry-leading expertise that pairs airtight logistics with ease, spontaneity, play.

Our array of offerings allows you to follow your unique needs and curiosities, making the experience completely your own.

The best part? We take care of every last detail. All you have to do is decide to show up.