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Trip description

The Magpie River Expedition is a week-long whitewater trip on one of the world’s best multi-day rivers.

For all of the trip details, visit Explore Expeditions and communicate with Claire and Jez.


To reserve your spot on the trip, please click the ‘book now’ button above and fill out the booking form.

On February 1st, 2022—we’ll send you an invoice with a link so that you can pay for the trip by credit card.

Because this trip is in Canada, we charge in Canadian dollars (CAD) and we have to charge federal and provincial sales tax. The cost of the trip is $3863.65 CAD plus tax, which comes to $4,442.23 CAD ‘all in’.

At the end of November 2021, as we finalized this trip, with the Canada – US exchange rate, the total came to $3495 USD.

Kayak, helmet, and PFD rental

Please use the booking form to let us know if you’ll be renting a kayak, helmet, or PFD—and we’ll start planning on reserving you a boat and getting it up to northern Quebec for your trip.

Kayak – $240 CAD + tax
PFD – $35 CAD + tax
Helmet – $20 CAD + tax

Trip prep

We’re looking forward to an incredible trip this summer! In February—we’ll send you an additional registration questionnaire and all of your trip info.

We recommend waiting until late April to buy airline tickets to Sept-Iles, QC as every year there are seat sales at that time. We’ll let you know if we see a sale on flights before then.