New 1-day Ottawa Kayarafting Adventure

So what is going on? Well if you’re in the Ottawa area—you can now join the 1-day Ottawa Kayarafting Adventure

It’s a super accessible (right in the city!) intro to whitewater. Paddle and swim rapids, and learn how to ‘read’ the river.

It’s a ‘built-for-COVID’ activity with physical distancing throughout.

The goals are for participants to have fun, learn, and have a bit of an adventure—while experiencing the river from a new perspective! Check it out…

Courses with Boreal River Rescue

With our training course division, Boreal River Rescue—we’ve started whitewater rescue and wilderness first aid courses—with all training outdoors and transmissions precautions in place.

Resources for you:

Thank you,
Boreal River Director, Danny Peled