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Maxime Girard

Whitewater & Swiftwater Rescue Instructor, Ice Rescue Instructor, Whitewater Paddling Instructor, Expedition Guide

In his mid-20s Max made a life-changing decision. Having worked as a machinist for the early part of his career, he found himself spending a lot of time reading outdoor magazines. One day, he decided that it wasn’t enough to live vicariously through magazines. Since then he has studied adventure tourism at college in Gaspé, Quebec and completed a Bachelor of Outdoor Education in Chicoutimi. He started raft guiding on the Ottawa River, and he loves going down rivers in his whitewater canoe.

Max started guiding with Boreal River on the Magpie in 2016. He brings a calm air and diligence to everything he does. On expeditions, he likes waking people up with his harmonica, and he is a master of gear repair and trip organization. He enjoys teaching whitewater and wilderness skills, but he’s especially good at making sure everybody on an expedition is comfortable and having fun.

Max’s certifications include:

  • Paddle Canada Moving Water Canoe instructor
  • Whitewater, swiftwater, and ice rescue instructor