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Ben Scott (AKA Benji)

Whitewater & Swiftwater Rescue Instructor, Ice Rescue Instructor, Expedition Guide

For over a decade, Benji has been guiding people over land and down rivers, and his work and personal trips have led him from coast to coast to coast.

A seasoned canoe tripper turned kayak river runner, Benji is passionate about ‘getting out there’ to travel, play, and to soak in the joys and insights moving water can bring.

With a background facilitating expeditions and experiences for a wide range of people, Benji approaches his role with a focus on helping folks feel well supported so that they may connect with the outdoor world in the way they are seeking.

Practicing excellent rescue and risk management skills and traveling the watershed(s) is where it’s at for Benji. As an instructor, guide and river enthusiast, he’s grateful for the learnings, connections and friendship(s) formed out on the land and waterways.

Originally from Ottawa, Benji lives in Chelsea, Quebec and thinks fondly of both sides of the Ottawa river as home. Aside from his ongoing work with Boreal River, Benji also works as an arborist.

Benji’s Certifications include:

  • Whitewater, swiftwater, and ice rescue instructor, Boreal River
  • Canoe and Kayak instructor, ORCKA
  • Certified Arborist with the Ontario College of Trades