Podcast #5: Tim Irvin – Wildlife Journeys

3 incredible river trips in Canada’s north

Wildlife guide, biologist, photographer, writer, and spirit bear tour company owner—Tim brings us along on three of his most memorable canoe trips: the Back, the Snake, and the Western.

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See Tim’s work:
Tim’s website, blog, and spirit bear tours – https://www.timirvin.com/
Tim’s Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/timothy.irvin/

Boreal River: https://borealriver.com/

Time stamps:

02:16 – How Tim got his start canoe tripping
03:10 – Back River, Nunavut
04:20 – “The Magic Middle”
10:30 – The Snake River, Yukon
23:04 – Bailey – Back – Western River – 7 week solo trip
35:09 – Tim’s canoe trip camera kit

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